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Ski gear, Mountaineering boots, and Helmets

Ski gear

Hello and welcome to! Here we provide up-to-date and pertinent information on the world of winter sports will specific attention to various mountaineering gear and dangers as well as what to expect from common ski gear and avalanche safety equipment. Whether you’re skiing, mountaineering or a little bit of both, we will discuss through and through what you should expect, what conditions to shy away from, and what you ought to have with you for your wintery trek.  However, before we launch straight into our enthusiasm for the snow sports, a quick statement should be made about of mission.

                At we are completely unaffiliated with any product, company, or company line. We have no sale objectives for ski gear or services in mountaineering to sell. We deal in providing information to the public -- that is all. We deal in original research on topics that our small team is passionate about. Additionally, we only deal in topical, useful referencing of facts and norms throughout the industry, from the perspective of safety-oriented, enthusiast and producer. We emphasize objective information in a conversational tone, and without the sale’s pitch you can expect only quality reporting. We invite you peruse our site and see what we’ve covered. We are confident that our research shows, and our bias is never available. With that, this page will be an overview of what we have found.

                Our first and largest article is on ski gear. In this we cover some of the basic. You can expect brief mentions of poles, boots, and skis, but we focus on some of the less public and often more vital pieces of gear. Helmets, radio transponders, and compact shovels are a must if you go off the beaten path or down your favorite gully. One of our FAQ section questions focuses on the available and testing for ski helmets with specific regards to their fabrication and stated ability levels. Currently, government standards rate helmets for speeds of 14 mph; however numerous studies show that the average speed of skiers and boarders is much higher. Often double that figure, which brings into question possible industry standard adjustments or helmets that are reviewed by independent companies, both things are currently being considered. In this region, ski gear, especially an emphasis on the less-common periphery items is the goal and we hope you’ll browse to the section to see what we’ve done.

                The second half of our title also includes the second portion of our study. Mountaineering boots are some of the most rugged devices meant for mobility and simultaneous rigidity and grip in some of the most demanding conditions available on our planet. From ice climbing, to traversing we look into what it takes to be a decent pair of mountaineering boots. From warmth to crampons for demanding conditions, we cover it all. In this section we lean towards the snow hiking, mountain climbing and vista-seeking snow sports, and maintain a lesser focus on some of the more devoted powder hunters. Safety is difficult to achieve I n these conditions and our FAQ section runs over the most common hazards from elevation sickness, to crevasse rescue and ice picking goals. We looked up stories on famous mountain climbers and realized the rugged class of individual who steadfastly pursue peaks around the globe. Our reverence to the lost is found in the safety we hope to impart. Our articles on ski helmets, ski gear, mountaineering boots, and crevasse training are all meant to initiate an understanding of the training necessary to conquer these windy, wintry areas.

                From here on out the direction is yours. The column on the left represents the major areas of study we have undergone. Ski gear, mountaineering boots, helmets, ski chalets, and ski masks are only the beginning, however. The FAQ section will tool you with an understanding of the training that professional skiers and mountaineers go through. We hope that you stay awhile and enjoy what we have proffered here. Thank you for visiting us at!